Mass Bee and Wasp Control, Extermination & Prevention Services

If you are having problems with bees, wasps or other stinging insects, The Bee Hunter of Massachusetts can help safely remove them and bring peace and security back to your home or business.

Nests and swarms of bees, hornets, yellow jackets and wasps can quickly make your home their own - in your walls, ceilings, decks, shed, yard or lawn.

Through a rapid response and removal system, I can quickly find and destroy and (if possible) remove the bees or wasps and their nest. The majority of the bees die instantly and the ones that don't will within the next few days. I completely warrant in writing that the stinging insects are gone. If the bees come back, so will I!

I am a fully insured and certified, experienced bee exterminator. Read more about me and my experience. All of my work is guaranteed in writing.

You can contact me to explain your specific bee or wasp problem and I will give you a free estimate and we can schedule a convenient time for me to exterminate your bees.

If you are unsure of what type of bee problem you have, read my FAQ page, where I answer common questions, such as how to get rid of bees and what steps to take when your home is being invaded by unwanted stinging insects.

If you are having a problem with bees or other stinging insects, call me today, 24/7!

The Bee Hunter of Mass is available by phone 24/7: 508-471-6437

Keep bees from ever entering your home - take preventative measures! If you want to stop bees and stinging insects from entering your home, barn, tool shed or business. I can help by using a bee prevention process. First, I will apply a clear liquid solution (approved by Federal and State regulatory agencies) to any gaps, crevices, overhangs or cracks on the exterior of your home or the inside of your attic. This high-quality solution is guaranteed to prevent bees and wasps from setting up a nest anywhere in or on your home. The guarantee extends to your entire yard, trees, shrubs and bushes. If any bees, wasps or other stinging insects nest anywhere on your property, I will remove them at no additional cost.

Keep your family safe from the harm of stinging bees, wasps and hornets, call The Bee Hunter of Mass today!